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Parallel Lines

The Lie Machine (Original Poem)

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

The Lie Machine

The live and die machine

The how long after Covid must I quarantine

In a world serene

Here to take our teens

And turn every issue to 1s or 0s it seems

Pick and choose your teams

There is no in between

Thought and discussion cast down to what is trending

Who are you following?

Who are they following?

Is there a head to this robot or is it something unseen?

Elitist agenda

A foreign offender

CIA, CNN and FOX working together?

We give way too much credit to these human beings

The World Wide Web has been unleashed for free

Social media is what is chaining we

Spiritual forces run the new reality

These beings that will continue through eternity

That run The Lie Machine that brings us to our knees

So disconnect

Self reflect

Find out who you are serving and if you're good with that

The Machine doth take no prisoners it just lays you flat

Seek the Truth, a place that you can hang your hat

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