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Parallel Lines

Discussion of Modern Theology

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

What is called "Progressive Christianity" is really just a mixture of Buddhist principles with Christian morals. It is neither religion, but a modern hybrid, which neither Buddhism or Christianity would support. Below is a video discussion the pitfalls of this modern theology.

My initial thoughts are that I have just recently gone through an experience with this. After reading "Letting Go" by David Hawkins, the concepts he speaks of all align with this Progressive Christianity narrative. After pursuing it myself, my opinion is that I do have a true purpose that is good and God inspired based on the spiritual gifts God has given me. However, when pursuing a dive into myself through letting go, I found my deep rooted voice, and it was beautiful and true. However, it was instantly corrupted through my desire for lust, which is the core issue I have been dealing with since 10 years old. It brings me back to the truth that sanctification is a long process, as no human (at least that I've witnessed) becomes perfect after their salvation. I desire truly to be perfectly holy, with no hinderances getting in the way of what God's purpose for my life is. The conflict always remains: my own self is a hinderance to God's purpose for my life. Like Paul says, I do what I do not want to, and what I want to, I do not do ( along those lines) Romans 7:15-25.

The truth is this that all Christians (and humans) need to accept and realize: Our soul is pure and trying to seek holiness, but our hearts and bodies are sinful, trying to pursue emotions and desires and feelings. Of course why it is so difficult being human is because (as far as I know) not all emotions, desires, and feelings are inherently sinful. That is why understanding God's intention for our life is so important. That way, we know when a feeling is holy and God inspired, and when a feeling is purely sinful.

Example: When I desire intimacy with my wife, I truly desire to deepen our relationship, as well as provide the needs that she may have. This (although pleasurable for me), is a sacrificial love. However, if I pursue self pleasure, the desire is only physical and carnal, as it actually is spiritually and mentally damaging.

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